Protecting all Minnesotans from the Dangers of Tobacco

Advocates work for healthier community

Ramsey Tobacco Coalition and partners work with Saint Paul councilmember Dai Thao to get price of single cigars raised.


Cheap, Flavored Cigars Attract Youth

ITíS A TRAPÖ Cigars in any flavor are addictive and as toxic as cigarettes.


Breathing Smoke-free Air

In 2013 Live Smoke Free and its partners assisted in the adoption of smoke-free policies in more than 70 multi-unit housing properties.


Youth and E-cigarettes

The number of middle and high school students who have tried e-cigarettes and the number who have used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days doubled in one year.


Steps Toward Tobacco-free

Tobacco-Free Campuses works with universities and colleges in the Twin Cities to implement tobacco-free policies.


Hot off the presses!

  • The Minneapolis City Council continued its strong leadership in protecting the health and safety of its residents on Dec. 5. The City Council voted unanimously to prohibit electronic cigarette use in most public indoor spaces. The ordinance update means the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed anywhere conventional cigarette use is also not allowed, such as restaurants and bars. Read more here.
  • The Saint Paul City Council voted on Aug. 27 to establish a minimum price for single cigars sold in packs of less than five. The new law raises the price for a single cigar to $2.10. That means packs of two would need to be sold for $4.20, packs of three for $6.30 and packs of four $8.40. Before this change, these products could be purchased for as little as 50 cents and were often sold three for $1, making them easily accessible to youth. Read more here


Learn more:

  • Cheap, flavored cigars are addictive and toxic products that come in flavors similar to ice cream and prove extremely attractive to youth. Learn more! Read our fact sheet here. To request an informational article for your newsletter, please contact Chris Turner.
  • Electronic cigarettes are a big issue. Click here to see our fact sheet. To request an informational article for your newsletter, please contact Chris Turner.


About us

The Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota (ANSR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the human and economic costs of tobacco use in Minnesota. Our core commitments are to reduce the number of young smokers and to continuously advocate for the rights and health of nonsmokers.

In 1975, ANSR helped pass the nation's first comprehensive state clean indoor air legislation. ANSR has continued to play a leading role in shaping tobacco policy by:

  • Restricting sales of tobacco products to youth.
  • Advocating for smoke-free work sites, restaurants, and multi-housing.
  • Creating tobacco-free environments in outdoor recreational settings.
  • Developing best practices for assisting military veterans with smoking cessation.


How you can help:

ANSR is driven by its membership base. You can help us continue our work to make Minnesota tobacco free. Support our efforts by becoming an ANSR member (membership is tax deductible). Visit the membership page to learn more about becoming an ANSR member.


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