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Live Smoke Free is a non-profit program that promotes smoke-free policies in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other forms of housing. Live Smoke Free is a member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA) and a member of the Minnesota chapter of the National Association for Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO).

What We Do:

Live Smoke Free educates buildings owners, managers, residents, tobacco control professionals, local policy makers, and housing industry professionals about the benefits of smoke-free housing. Live Smoke Free also provides assistance to buildings and management companies as they journey through the process of becoming smoke-free.

Who We Serve: 

Live Smoke Free and our partners can provide 100% FREE assistance to Minnesota property owners, managers, renters, and common interest communities (condos, townhomes, and cooperatives).  Live Smoke Free can provide some free resources and assistance to out-of-state entities. *Nominal charges may apply.


How to Reach Us:

Live Smoke Free
Association for Nonsmokers-MN
2395 University Avenue West, Suite 310
St. Paul, MN 55114-1512

Phone: (651) 646-3005

Fax: (651) 646-0142



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