Smoke-Free Housing:

Healthier Buildings.

Happier Residents.

A Smart Investment.

Find a smoke-free apartment in Minnesota through the smoke-free housing directory.

Information for Property Owners and Managers:

Educational Resources on:

  • Cost savings
  • Second and thirdhand smoke
  • The legalities of adopting a smoke-free policy
  • How smoke moves between apartment units
  • The marketability for smoke-free housing
  • “How To” tips for adopting and implementing a smoke-free policy

Implementation Materials:Sign

  • Sample resident survey and letters
  • Model smoke-free policy language (available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Oromo, Somali, and Vietnamese)
  • Smoke-free policy promotional tools
  • Minnesota Properties: Smoke-free building and property signage

Support and assistance:

  • Consultations and presentations to apartment managers, owners, staff, Boards of Directors, and residents
  • Step-by-step assistance from contemplation to enforcement
  • Minnesota Properties: A listing on Minnesota’s Smoke-Free Housing Web Directory

To access these resources click here.

Information for Renters:

Live Smoke Free helps renters find solutions to secondhand smoke problems in their apartment. To access resources for residents, click here.

Information for Tobacco Control Professionals and Smoke-Free Housing Advocates:coverR6 BM_Page_1 first hal

Live Smoke Free has been working on smoke-free MUH for more than a decade. During that time, Live Smoke Free has gained valuable insight and lessons learned on how to create and sustain a smoke-free housing program.

Tools for Tobacco Control Professionals:

  • 9-part webinar series on building and maintaining a smoke-free MUH program
  • 215-page resource manual: Developing a Smoke-Free MUH Program
  • Access to a global network of programs working on smoke-free MUH

To access these tools and other information, click here.

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