The tobacco industry targeting the poor


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Free gifts if you buy tobacco


Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation


Vision In Living Life (V.I.L.L.) "Change is Possible"

Vision in Living Life is a youth leasership program that works with the youth in the community. We offer our program participants a chance to engage in activities that will allow them to experience growth from within.

Our goal is to involve the youth in a range of activities and educational opportunities that promote and support their passage to being healthy, responsible and law-abiding citizens and show what assets youth are to our communities also equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.



Survey Findings & News

Large amount of tobacco ads low to the ground, next to candy, next to EBT and WIC signs, and ads that offer free give aways when you buy tobacco.

Group Profile

Vision in Living Life is made of over 20 youth and is led by program director Damone Presley.

The youth experience growth amongst themselves as they learn the social skills they will need to interact in their future, they will also gain self confidnce as they follow through with the completion of the program. Through communication and interaction the youth will also be able to see the importance of involvement in the community in which they live.



The neighborhoods that children live in have a very big impact on the everyday decisions they make. Vision In Living helps our youth make the wise personal and responsible decisions that we need to build strenghth within our own families.

Outreach Activities

Vision In Living Life is currently doing Tobacco-Free Funding Policy outreach. V.I.L.L. is asking organizations to adopt a policy in writing stating that they will not accept donations or sponsorship from the tobacco industry.

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