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Richard Aguilar "Aguilar Productions" adopts a policy NOT to accept tobacco industry sponsorships


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Jóvenes de Salud - Who are we?

* We encourage organizations, agencies and churches to adopt a policy NOT to accept donations, sponsorships and/or gifts from the tobacco industry;

* We develop bilingual, bicultural "friendly public announcements" to create awareness in the Latino community about the harms of tobacco use;

* We are a Latino after-school enrichment program;

* We are peer educators and community advocates

* We are leaders in our community.

Currently there are more than 50 Jóvenes de Salud representing five schools in two districts.   High School Latino Youth come together with the common goal of being health advocates within their circle of peers and with families.  They conduct signature outreach activities at church and community festivals and celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

But it goes beyond advocacy.  Jóvenes de Salud helps graduate Latino students by supporting academic goals and building school spirit.  The program helps students towards economic self-sufficiency by encouraging careers within the health field and exposing students to other careers through mentors and guest speakers. 


Survey Findings & News


During the summer of 2008 the Jóvenes de Salud of the Non-Smokers Association of Minnesota surveyed 11 super markets and convenience stores in the metropolitan area of St. Paul.


80% of stores surveyed were in Latino communities that are predominantly Latino or accessed by Latino youth in Ramsey County, West St. Paul and South St. Paul in Dakota County.




STORE EXTERIOR DISPLAYS:  Twenty-five percent (60%) of doors and windows were covered by “In Your Face” advertisements. An average of 12 ads was displayed. Most brand names advertised were: Marlboro, Camel, Newport, and Remington. The ads include the menthol style. All ads were in English only.


Exterior ads were on/near door or handle bar and in parking lot. Camel or non-name brand companies placed most specials or promotions.  70% of ads were placed below 3 ft.  Ads were also placed on light poles, sidewalks and fences. Remington Company displayed a silhouette of a male smoker with a cowboy hat, similar to the Marlboro Man recognizable figure.


INTERIOR: Overall the stores’ interior had a minimum of 12 advertisements Also; brand logos were displayed inside the store.  Candy tobacco was seen in berry and grape flavor.


Group Profile


Ramsey County:

Harding HS Latino H.E.A.T. (Hispanic Energy All the Time)

Arlington HS A.L.A.S. (Arlington Latinos Achieving Success)


Dakota County:

Henry Sibley HS A.L.M.A.S.-L.W.A.T.T. (Anglos Latinos Motivated for Academic Success-Latino Warriors Anti-Tobacco Team)

South St. Paul Middle School and South St. Paul High School, “Los L.P.’s” (The Latino Packers)


Outreach Activities

Cinco de Mayo -


Hispanic Heritage Month


Dia de Los Muertos



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