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Anglos Latinos Motivados a Superarse

(Anglos Latinos Motivated to Succeed)

ALMAS-Metzen3 Almas to CVS SONY DSC
Members of the ALMAS present a thank you banner to the CVS on Robert Street in West Saint Paul.

What is ALMAS?

Anglos Latinos Motivados a Superarse (ALMAS) is a group of High School Students from Henry Sibley High School in
Mendota Heights dedicated to serving the community and promoting the health of the community. The mission of ALMAS is to:

  • Establish and maintain trust in the Latino community
  • Foster better communication between the school and Latino parents
  • Offer opportunity to progress and provide help when necessary
  • Create and foster Latino pride
  • Create and support an environment of equality and unity
  • Increase extra-curricular and co-curricular participation
  • Increase post-secondary participation

More than 200 students belong to ALMAS, which is directed by Robert Hanson.  ALMAS has brought about change in the school and the greater community through community service projects, regular parent contact, and advocacy and outreach opportunities.  ALMAS has been intricately involved in passing stronger tobacco laws in West St. Paul and Mendota Heights. A small group of ALMAS members testified in support of an update to the city’s tobacco licensing ordinance in West St. Paul and Mendota Heights.  The group continues to educate community leaders about the dangers of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. In addition, ALMAS is a school leader in educating their school community about new tobacco products and the tobacco industry’s efforts to hook teens on tobacco.


“The partnership with [Ramsey Tobacco Coalition] is very beneficial to the kids and being active in the political arena shows them that they do have a voice.”

Robert Hanson

ALMAS Director

ALMAS students put together this video and placed third in a Chicago contest with it.

 Day at the Capitol-2015


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