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Tobacco 101

This seven-lesson guide contains multimedia and interactive lessons for your use in training young people about tobacco, the tobacco industry, and how their voice can create a healthier community. These lessons include discussions, hands on activities, videos, community surveys and the opportunity to makes plans to create policy change. The guide is a fun, interactive tool to develop young tobacco prevention advocates.

Lesson One

Tobacco 101—Introduction to Tobacco

Lesson Two

Marketing and Advertising: What You See is Not Always What You Get

Lesson Three

Child Labor in the Tobacco Industry

Lesson Four

Flavored Tobacco, Menthol and E-Cigarettes

Lesson Five

People Power vs. Tobacco Industry

Lesson Six

What is the Tobacco Industry Doing in my Neighborhood?

Lesson Seven

Sharing Our Findings: Taking Action

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Tobacco-Free Funding Policies:
Ramsey Tobacco Coalition’s “How-To” Guide for Adopting a Policy

Tobacco-Free Funding policies are an important way for organizations to protect their image and take a stand against the tobacco industry. The Ramsey Tobacco Coalition has a developed a guide for working with nonprofit organizations as they think about and plan for adopting a policy.

Tobacco-Free Funding Part 1, which is all about planning for a tobacco-free policy.

Tobacco-Free Funding Part 2, which will helps make a case for a tobacco-free policy with a nonprofit organization.

Tobacco-Free Funding Part 3, which will provide many supporting documents, such as a sample tobacco-free policy.


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