Technical assistance

ANSR provides technical assistance to grantees in Minnesota working on projects through the Tobacco-Free Communities grant, which is a program of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. The Tobacco-Free Communities grantees focus on creating tobacco control policy changes that particularly help to meet the health needs of traditionally under-served populations in Minnesota.

ANSR provides technical assistance (TA) and training for tobacco-specific policy areas, and foundational skills (general skills-development). ANSR provides TA and training through various methods, including individual consultation, group trainings and providing materials. Individual consultation might include in-person or phone conversations, email or video conferencing. Group trainings might be conducted through conference calls, webinars, lunch-and-learns, presentations or workshops.

Many materials and resources have been developed for tobacco-specific areas, as well as general policy or skills development. ANSR provides TA and training formally via webinars or trainings or informally via phone conversations or problem-solving meetings. ANSR has developed many materials and resources for various topic areas and can also develop new materials and resources as the need arises.


OSHII Grantee(s) Served


  • SHIP
  • CTG
  • TFCRegion:
  • WC
  • SE
  • Metro
  • Statewide

Strategy Expertise

  • Tobacco-free/smoke-free policies
  • Tobacco Control
  • Smoke-free Housing
  • Tobacco-free post-secondary campus
  • Point-of-sale/retail environment
  • Smoke-free foster care and/or child care
  • Tobacco-free or Smoke-free Outdoor spaces (parks and recreation, transit stops, healthcare sites, etc.)

Population-Specific Experience

  • Urban Population
  • Suburban Population
  • Rural Population
  • African/African American
  • Asian
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native American
  • LGBT Population
  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Adults over 60
  • Persons with Mental Illness and/or Substance Abuse

Foundational Skill Expertise

Community Engagement

  • Advocacy/Community Mobilization
  • Coalition Building & Sustaining
  • Partnership/Leadership Development
  • Identifying and developing key relationships
  • Asset mapping
  • Power mapping
  • Leading and facilitating effective meetings
  • Building teams

Assessment, Planning & Evaluation

  • Assessment or Survey Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation Planning
  • Evaluation tool development
  • Continuous Program Improvement (Quality Improvement)

Understanding of Policy, Systems & Environmental Change (PSE)

  • General PSE Knowledge and Skills
  • Policy Development/Analysis


  • Communications Tools
  • Earned and Paid Media Campaigns
  • Fact Sheet/Material Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Branding
  • Effective Messaging
  • Identifying and using success stories
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