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The Minneapolis City Council passed a comprehensive amendment to the city’s tobacco ordinance on April 25, 2024. The amendment:

  • prohibits price promotions and the redemption of coupons for all commercial tobacco and vaping products;
  • sets a $15 minimum price on cigarettes and other commercial tobacco products, making it one of the highest in the nation;
  • increases penalties for retailers who violate the ordinance; and
  • ends the sampling loophole for new tobacco products shops.

One-third of adult smokers use tobacco coupons or discounts. Higher commercial tobacco prices lead to reduced adult smoking rates, less youth initiation, and more quit attempts and calls to quitlines. 

Minneapolis continues to be a leader in adopting strong commercial tobacco prevention policies. These changes will protect Minneapolis youth and residents of color from tobacco industry targeting, reduce the appeal of commercial tobacco products, and support those who are trying to quit using commercial tobacco. ANSR applauds the Council for voting unanimously in support of this ordinance and putting their residents’ health first.

Read more about the ordinance on the City of Minneapolis website, including quotes from ordinance author Council Member Latrisha Vetaw and Mayor Jacob Frey.

Thank you to everyone who emailed, called, testified, sent a letter of support, attended a council meeting, and/or spread the word about this ordinance. Your voice matters in creating important public health policy change!