The Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota is working with a coalition of advocates to reduce the tobacco industry’s influence in Minneapolis. Through coalition efforts, we’ve found that electronic cigarettes and cheap, flavored cigars continue to be a big problem. Since workplaces became smoke-free in 2007, clean indoor air has become the standard Minnesotans expect. In a recent poll, 79 percent of Minnesotans supported prohibiting e-cigarette use in indoor public spaces. The coalition is comprised of NorthPoint’s Breathe Free North youth program and other youth-serving organizations, as well as public health agencies and nonprofits.

Menthol Tobacco

The coalition has worked hard to end the health disparities caused by how the tobacco industry has targeted minority populations with menthol tobacco. The industry has targeted African Americans, youth, women and the LGBTQ community for decades. Currently, six cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and Mendota Heights, have restricted the sale of menthol tobacco products.