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Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: 
Healthier Buildings, Happier Residents.
A Smart Investment.

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The Live Smoke Free program promotes smoke-free policies for apartment buildings, condominiums, and other forms of Happy rentersmulti-unit housing (MUH).

Currently, Minnesota renters seeking smoke-free MUH largely outnumber the amount of smoke-free units available.           

  • The majority of renters (75%) would be likely to choose a smoke-free building over a building that allows smoking if the buildings were the same in every other way
  • In order to live in a smoke-free building, many renters are willing to drive farther to work, pay more rent, or live in a building that does not have a pool or playground.
    (Source:2009 Twin Cities Metro Renter Survey, Wilder Research). 

For more smoke-free MUH research, click here.  


Information for Property Owners and Managers
In order to increase the amount of smoke-free MUH in Minnesota, Live Smoke Free educates MUH owners, property managers, renters, and MUH industry professionals about the many benefits of smoke-free MUH.

Smoke-Free MUH Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Reduced cleaning costs when turning over units
  •  Healthier living environment for residents, staff and guests
  • Marketable amenity

For more about the benefits of smoke-free MUH, click here.

Live Smoke Free assists MUH owners and managers with adopting, enforcing, and advertising a smoke-free policy for their property. Adopting a smoke-free policy is free and easy to do! Live Smoke Free has developed a three step process to adopting a policy.

To learn more about how to adopt a smoke-free MUH policy, click here.


Watch our video below to learn more about the benefits of adopting a smoke-free policy.


Information for Renters

Live Smoke Free helps renters find solutions to secondhand smoke problems in their apartment. To access resources for residents, click here.


Information for Tobacco Control Professionals

Live Smoke Free has been working on smoke-free MUH for more than a decade. During that time, Live Smoke Free has gained valuable insight and lessons learned on how to create and sustain a smoke-free MUH program. 

Tools for Tobacco Control Professionals: 

  • 9-part webinar series on building and maintaining a smoke-free MUH program
  • 215-page resource manual: Developing a Smoke-Free MUH Program
  • Access to a global network of programs working on smoke-free MUH

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