What is Tobacco 101?

“Tobacco 101: A Teacher’s Guide to Anti-Tobacco Lesson Planning” is a free, web-accessible eleven-lesson guide containing discussions, hands-on activities, videos, community surveys, and the opportunity to make plans to create policy change.  The guide will help you teach your students about the harms of tobacco and the deceptive marketing tactics of the tobacco industry, all while supporting the development of young tobacco prevention advocates.

The guide contains ten lessons, including:

  • Lesson 1: Tobacco 101 — Intro to Tobacco
  • Lesson 2: Marketing and Advertising: What You See is Not Always What You Get
  • Lesson 3: Child Labor in the Tobacco Industry
  • Lesson 4: Flavored Tobacco, Menthol and E-Cigarettes
  • Lesson 5: People Power vs. Tobacco Industry
  • Lesson 6: What is the Tobacco Industry Doing in my Neighborhood
  • Lesson 7: Sharing Our Findings: Taking Action
  • Lesson 8: Price Discounting
  • Lesson 9: Electronic Cigarettes (Vapes): A Deeper Dive
  • Lesson 10: Environmental Impact
  • Lesson 11: Mental Health and Nicotine

Tobacco 101 is a fun and interactive way to teach your students how to use their voices to create a healthier community. Within the guide you’ll find: downloadable resources, video and other multimedia links, activities for a variety of learning styles, hands-on student engagement, student-led discussion and learning, and supplemental materials

Tobacco 101 is geared towards middle and high school students and can be used in a classroom, after school, or out-of-school setting.