Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota

Protecting Minnesotans from the Dangers of Commercial Tobacco, Nicotine, and Other Drugs

ANSR is dedicated to reducing the human and economic costs of commercial tobacco, nicotine and other drug use in Minnesota.  Our core commitments are:

  • to protect young Minnesotans from a lifetime of addiction;
  • to ensure that all Minnesotans can breathe clean, smoke-free air everywhere; and
  • reduce health inequities and other disparities in relation to commercial tobacco, nicotine and other drugs.

In 1975, ANSR helped pass the nation’s first comprehensive state clean indoor air legislation. Since then, ANSR has continued to play a leading role in shaping tobacco policy and has been involved in every major state-wide policy, such as the Freedom to Breathe Act in 2007 and raising the tobacco tax in 2013. ANSR helped Minneapolis and Saint Paul restrict the sales of flavored tobacco, including menthol, and also helped Edina become the first Minneapolis city to raise the tobacco sales age to 21.


The Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota is a membership organization. We couldn’t do our great work without you! Become an ANSR member if you would like to support our continued efforts to bring smoke-free air to Minnesota.


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ANSR is dedicated to reducing the human and economic costs of tobacco use in Minnesota. Our core commitments are to reduce the number of young smokers, combat health inequities, and advocate for the health of all Minnesotans.

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